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Are you eager to learn more about using crystals and connecting to their awesome energy?  Then please join me on November 8th for a very special introductory workshop where we’ll learn the basics of healing with crystals, learn a special mediation to connect to your stone’s energy, and practices to help you heal your family and friends while raising your own vibrational energy.  And as a added FREE gift from me, each person will receive a pouch of small chakra stones to begin your healing process immediately after the event!  Register now on my Upcoming Events tab.

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Celestite, One of My Favorite Crystals

I often get asked by clients and students, “What is your favorite crystal?”

While my answer often changes with the wind’s direction, one of my most consistent favorite stones to work with, is definitely Celestite.

I love this crystal.  It has very gentle energy but is a Spiritual powerhouse.Celestite It works with the upper chakras, Third Eye, Crown and the Etheric Chakras.  It considered one of the Angelic stones meaning it is one of the most powerful stones for accessing the angelic realm.  In fact, when I obtained my first Celestite, a wire-wrapped pendant gifted to me by a dear friend, I began a very noticeable shift into working with Angels, having Angelic energy around me in many of my healing session.  I would see the green healing light Archangel Raphael as tiny green flashes leading me around the client, guiding me to the stuck energy blocks during the healing session.

I also wear my pendant during my Psychic Development classes because Celestite also helps to open the Third Eye chakra and has a strong stimulating effect on psychic and spiritual gifts.  Particularly it helps to stimulate your clairvoyant visionary abilities.  This little stone can also aid you in your journey to ascension.

Also, because of it’s gorgeous blue tone, it assists in opening the Throat chakra, therefore aiding in communication, public speaking and most importantly, Speaking Your Truth!

Grab yourself one of these amazing little beauties – start meditating with it and see how Celestite works through you.





Welcome message from Courtney

Blessings & Namaste :)

Welcome to my new site and the new direction A Divine Journey is heading. Many exciting things to come including my new book on Crystals soon to be released in October!

Check in regularly as several new posts on the way from my recent Crystal mining trip.

In love & light!

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