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Hello Friends!

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Practicing the Art of Self Love1


Creating Daily Loving Practices

I Love Me

Hello Friends!

By now, I’m sure you are realizing the benefits of creating space in your life to allow for journaling and also meditation.  As promised, I’ll share with you what I call my Daily Success Habits and how they support me in loving myself.

My success habits are six things I’ve decided in my life, I need to be doing daily in order to feel cared for and nurtured by ME.  Some days are better than others with completing them, but each day I “star” the category I was successful in that particular habit and there’s great satisfaction in knowing I provided that loving practice to myself each day.  And that’s a great way to think of these…not goals or “to-do’s but Loving Practices to yourself…making yourself feel “loved”.

Meditation is at the top of the list for me.  It’s where I draw my strength, settle my mind, and quench my thirsty spirit for connection.  I’m in place now, where I can’t go too long neglecting this important Self Loving Practice without feeling out of balance with myself and my being.

Taking care of my body is another very significant piece of loving myself.  I want my body to feel nurtured, loved, and energized daily.  So it’s important for me to get my daily exercise in, stay consistent with my yoga practice and provide my body with the best food to support it.  Diet is one that we all can allow to get out of balance for ourselves and for us empaths, light workers, caregivers,’s easy to fall into a pattern of nourishing ourselves and grounding our emotions through food…sometimes the easiest or quickest way which doesn’t always allow for what’s healthiest for our body.  Checking in with the energy force a food holds and how that food provides you that energy life force is KEY.  But more on this at a later time…

Journaling and Writing is another success practice for me.  As we discussed earlier, journaling holds such a key for you to gain insight to the messages you’re receiving daily.  By journaling, you’re allowing yourself to be in the flow for all this to move through you and keeping a record Happy New Year Resolutions In Diary Jounrnal Book With Pretty Feof all that’s showing up in your life.

So I encourage you today to take some time in your next journaling session, and jot down things you can do for yourself daily to support you – show yourself some love!

Love & Light to each of you!



Self Care = Self Love

Hello beautiful beings!

How is your daily Journaling practice going?  What insights have you received?  And are you finding yourself entering things into your “Dumping Journal” a lot less?

Journaling sets you on your path to quieting your thoughts, and really tuning in to what your Higher Self is wanting to communicate to you.  The more you connect with your Higher Self, the more you’ll feel and experience this wonderfully beautiful radiant love that you already are.  Its such a wonderful practice…journaling, that it’s even listed as one of my “Self Care” practices that I try to commit to daily.  So this brings us to the topic of self care and why it goes hand in hand with self love.

When you’re in the energy of giving to yourself, – time, money, love – you become the energy of manifesting all that the universe has to offer you.  As you give to yourself, you enter into the beautiful energetic space of receiving that then carries over into all the areas of your life that you want to be an “open receiver”, areas like receiving wisdom and guidance from your the holy Spirit, angels and guides, receiving the love that others are sending to you, and also receiving all of the abundance that the universe is attempting to send you.  So to speak, you’re not blocking the flow of all this in your life – you’re open and receiving.  This is one reason why self care is really a precursor in many ways to cultivating Self Love.

So, in your next journal entry – Write down 5 or 6 things that you could give to yourself daily, that would make you feel nurtured, loved, and supported – by YOU!

Let me know what they are…and I’ll share mine tomorrow!

For now, place your favorite piece of rose quartz by your bed and allowing the loving energy to bath you through the night!

Sweet dreams {hugs}



Meditation – Why its Important in Cultivating Self Love

Hello Friends!

How is your journaling coming along?  Any new insights about yourself that you’ve received?

Another step I feel leading you towards the path to Self Love is through meditation.  Whether you choose to call it quiet time, prayer, or simply ME time – it’s important.  When you get quiet, you can listen – listen to what your body is telling you, the messages from your angels and guides, and listen to what dreams and desires inside, dormant and just waiting for you to bring them to light!

Never meditated before?  Can’t seem to keep your mind in the “stillness”?  No worries – just follow these tiny steps that I find are so key to beginning a meditation practice.

Breathe!  Relax!  You’ve got this!

1.  Decide when is a good time for you to get “quiet” and designate that time aside each day.  It may be in the evening after the kiddos are in bed, or ithands of a woman meditating in a yoga pose on the grass toned w may be first thing in the am, perhaps in the lovely quiet space away from the office during your lunch hour.  The time and place doesn’t matter as long as you keep distractions and interruptions to a minimum.

2.  Allow for distractions.  While this sounds silly following the first step, but know that your mind will wander and distract you – this is okay, it’s normal and will happen A LOT when you first begin.  Just practice a gentle acceptance towards yourself when it happens and bring yourself back to the present by directing your focus back to your breath.

3.  Now’s the time to journal – some of my greatest awareness and messages have come during meditation, so sometimes those interruptions are arriving at exactly the right time for you.  I love to use my journal for this, keeping it close by so that I can quickly jot something down and get back to my attention focused breathing. :)

4.  Start slow at first – try setting a timer for yourself of maybe 5 minutes, then increasing after you feel comfortable to 10, then 15 and so on.  How you decide to “up” your time is up to you, but you may see how you’re feeling and how many distractions are coming in.  Of course, it also depends on how much time you may have at that moment.  A quick 5 minute meditation practiced daily can lend lots of positive results in your life.

Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below and if you already have a meditation practice, I would love to hear your best practices!

Much love and light to you all!



Journaling…an important starting place for cultivating Self Love

Happy 3rd day of the year everyone!

Are you still writing 2014 everywhere?  I know I am…and probably will continue to until at least February 28th!!  But one place I’ve noticed that I’m keenly accurate on the date is my journal which I thought was interesting, so that brought me to another idea for a blog post as we explore Self Love this month.

Do you journal?

I began journaling as a little girl as early as I could write.  My very first journal was the Ramona Quimby Diary that I received for Christmas at the age of 8 or 9.  I wrote in this religiously every night before bed.  I received more clarity about the life I wanted…who my best friends at the time were and why, what my favorite food was currently and what food I wanted to try.

1132958628_958003cfecOf course I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but I was already creating an important habit and exploring the Law of Attraction through this practice.

This is one of the reasons why I love the idea of introducing a journal to children at a young age.  My daughter has been journalling since the age of 3 – it consists of beautiful scribbly drawings of all different colors and designs that to everyone may appear only to be that of a toddler’s experience through crayons and paper, but when you ask her what the pictures are a imaginative description of each page comes to life in a detailed story providing you an insight as to what processes she’s working through in her mind.  It’s a joy to witness!

Today, I journal just about everything.  I journal after my meditation.  I journal my dreams.  I journal my work with crystals.  I journal about our new adventure into homeschooling.  When I’m returning to balance in my diet, I create a food journal.

Here are some of my favorite journals that I’m using now….


 The Erin Condren Notebook – I LOVE this journal because of all the features Erin Condren includes in her products.  The insertable divide, the removable/interchangeable covers that you design, and the cute band that keeps everything neatly together.   You can find more of her products here:


Another journal I use often to record dreams, etc.  I believe I purchased this a while back at Barnes & Nobles


Another Barnes & Nobles journal that I use as a “dumping journal” – a practice I learned from Collette Baron Reid to dump any negative self talk, or thoughts rolling around your head.  You dump it and then don’t go back into it.  It’s a great practice if you’re finding yourself down in the dumps or struggling with something.


My current meditation journal – just a cheapy composition book from Walgreens.  I love these so much because they’re large and lay flat when you write – I like a lot of room – they’re easy to move around with since they’re light – they’re also a favourite to use if I’m taking a course on anything.

What does all of this journaling have to do with Self Love?  Sooo much and more.  I believe wholeheartedly that journaling gives you a deeper window into what is driving and motivating you in your mind.  Your thoughts which lead to your beliefs, are creating your reality.  Journaling can provide you insights to where your thoughts are and perhaps even help you to key into what belief system and possibly pattern that’s occurring in your life.

I also believe that journaling can be the first step to you developing your intuition and psychic gifts.  Spirit speaks to you through your journaling and also through your dreams.  Journaling these down…any insights that may occur during meditation, these may be messages from your angels and guides.

My very first experience in automatic writing occurred at the age of 12 while writing in my journal.  It frightened me at first, not the experience but of the fear of what I had been taught to block in regards to these experiences.  Over the years this experience has happened several times spontaneously and I’ve acknowledge what it is and just allowed the energy to move through and thanked Spirit for this message.  But more on automatic writing later.

So begin your first act of loving yourself and start to listen to yourself by tuning in.  Set a goal to write in your journal daily, first thing in the am or maybe right before bed.  And make a point to jot down what you are most grateful for in your life right now.

This journal will be an important tool as we move further into working with your stones.  My favourite stones to assist with journaling is Hematite – a protective stone, but also is wonderful for meditation and going inward.


I also love to use rainbow obsidian – this is one of my oldest and most favorite pieces – I love the heart shape.


I hope this info has inspired you to start a daily journal practice – I think it’s one of the first steps in tuning into Self Love.

Much love to all of you xoxox