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A Call to Sovereign Self Love

My most recent Oracle channeling was one of Sovereignty and the call to moving into greater service to oneself.  What I was receiving in Oracle state, was that we are being guided to enter into a deeper, transformative service to humanity that first begins with...

2017 My Journey with the Light and the Dark

As I began 2017 freshfaced, full of ambitions and ideas of what lies ahead for the coming year, nothing could have prepared me for the full on whirlwind of spiritual mastery that was 2017. In January, I experienced my first shamanic drumming ceremony and received my...

Activation from my Guides ~ Amana and Saint Germain (Part 1)

On February 15, 2016 I was taken on the following journey via the LightBody path with the guides Orin and DaBen (as channeled through Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer).  I believe this experience was part of an activation that has led me to where I am today. I was taken...

My Journey with Cacao

During a recent retreat with my Priestess sisters, I had my first experience with the loving plant medicine Cacao.  I had no idea the power of this little plant ~ it's health benefits and how much of a heart opener this sacred plant is. Upon drinking the warm, creamy...

Healing the Sister Wound One Circle at a Time

"Well, you're prettier than her."  "You can't trust women, they will always stab you in the back."  "All women are nasty, caddy and evil."  "What do you think a woman's going to be like, she was the cause of the original sin and manipulated Adam after all?"  These...

Words of Praise

During the Crystalline Workshop, while having crystals on my chakras, I felt as I don’t have my dense physical body. I felt as I was levitating above the floor 6 or so inches.  I became more aware of different energy level and intensity that each chakra has and that you can manipulate that intensity by applying a particular crystal. I learned a lot about healing stones, their metaphysical properties, how shape and color of a crystal corresponds to chakras.

I became more aware of my own intuition. The biggest challenge for me was to turn off my logical mind and start listening to my inner voice and become more in tune with myself.

After the workshop, I became more aware of my healing skills and my desire to learn more about crystals, chakras, and energy field.

I would recommend this workshop to any individual, who is interested in holistic healing. The workshop will definitely expand your consciousness and give you a direction on how to use healing energy of the stones to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.
Olga Merzlikina

During the Crystalline Workshop I experienced love for myself, being guided by my higher source, and a warmth of energy lifting me up. I felt more aware of Higher self. I felt empowered and/or energetically activated by this.

I was energetically activated by the crystal apophylite and felt as if I could take on the world and I felt centered and aligned with my higher source within my body.

After the Crystalline workshop, I became more clear of my soul’s purpose; my god given gifts and a clearer direction on how those gifts should be shared with the world. I developed an outline for my 6 month transformational program; developed the name and outlined the flow of the course.

Courtney’s  knowledge and experience is extensive and she is a beam of light being used to share her talents and gifts~ you will feel that. She allows for you to have your own personal experience and to just BE.  She is love personified and I am lucky to also be able to call her my friend.

Stacy Allen