Give me Courage – Surviving the Holiday Family Time

Hi Friends,

The Holidays – the most wonderful time of the year, yet for many of us it can also mean “family time” with those family members you may not always be in contact with year round, many of which for good reason.  Passing the turkey,  you may find yourself in an awkward place of reconnecting while struggling to maintain energetic boundaries.  Yet for many of us “sensitives” this reconnecting can mean sending us into a spiral of overeating, icky feelings and stuffing emotions down that may or may not even be ours to begin with, craving to get back to our own space following a mandatory himalayan salt bath.  Fun times!

So how can we survive the “Family Time” drama that all of can encounter over the holidays, while retaining our energetic boundaries?  I’ll share a few here that have worked for me…so grab your crystals & pull up a chair :)


1.  BE IN YOUR TRUTH – You’re an empath.  Acknowledge the situation and honour yourself before you even arrive to the “wolves den”.  Seriously I love my family and they’re amazing gifts, HOWEVER everyone is unloading their junk (or other peoples’ junk they may have unknowingly absorbed) and when you’re an empath, that can mean vulnerability to whole lotta junk!  So taking a real honest account of the situation and who you are…and WHY you feel the way you do after the get togethers, will help you take precautionary steps.

2.  Wear a protective stone – I love obsidian, however it may be a little too much of a protector in this case and at times  can also bring up your own maybe not the best choice for this par-teh.  Think Tourmaline, a nice piece of clear Quartz, I also really like Bloodstone in this situation.  It’s a great courage stone and will help you to stay in an intuitive place with yourself.

3.  Say your protective prayer, put the white light around you, create your sacred safe bubble around you before you go and declare you WILL take immaculate care of yourself.  If this means sneaking away from the dessert table for a few minutes to regain your center, escaping to the bathroom when Aunt Jan begins to cry in her cranberry sauce of why she was the least favoured daughter of your late grandmother – do it!  Your job is to take care of yourself….and any small children you’re in charge of…but put your oxygen mask on first, Momma!

4.  Stock up on salt – and get thyself into a salt bath immediately after you get home.  Pine Himalyan sea salt clears the energetic and will pull away any stragglers in your field…I mix mine with Epsom salts to help facilitate the detoxing process.  Spa

5.  Put yourself to bed with a big hug and place a special piece of rose quartz on your bedside table next to you – you are loved!!  And you are an absolute perfect creation of God and the Universe – release anything said or experienced take a moment of quiet gratitude with a big deep breath, being thankful that you’re no longer caught up in the illusion so many people still are in…the illusion of judgment, drama, etc.  You ARE the key that unlocks this planet – so shine bright little star and be true to YOU!

Sending you lots of Love & Light!



Baby it’s Cold Outside…cuddle up with Snowflake Obsidian

Hi Friends!

An arctic chill has moved in this week and it is COLD!  And now tomorrow we’re calling for 3 inches of snow!!  So of course this brought to mind…Snowflake Obsidian; a perfect time to talk about this delightful crystal!

Snowflake Obsidian

First it’s important to know that obsidian is actually not a crystal but is volcanic glass.  It’s mineral-like in it’s properties but does not have crystalline structure.

Snowflake obsidian is a balancing and soothing stone that is perfect for calming the mind.  A wonderful stone to use in meditation, it contains purifying properties that have been know to also assist in detoxifying the body along with the mind.

It will also bring into awareness any unhealthy/negative patterns occurring in your life, so that you may make healthier choices and decisions.  It’s desire is to bring the body and mind into balance, thus making a perfect “winter time” stone to work with, as the winter is definitely a time for going inward and slowing down.

Obsidian is also a powerful stone to use for protection – psychic, emotional and physical.

So grab your snowflake obsidian, a warm yummy cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the snowflakes outside!

Sending you warm hugs :)




A Stone for the Holiday Season

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday!  Can you believe the holiday is nearly upon us?  As I was out shopping with my daughter today, I was reminded of it everywhere.  Christmas is almost here!  And while I LOVE this season so much, I found myself thinking, “What’s a great crystal for folks to use during this time that can somewhat stressful and at times very emotional, while also be the “most wonderful time of the year”?

I have to say for me, it’s Ruby Zoisite, also called Anyolite.

This beautifully gorgeous stone is the perfect blend of linking the heart to the 3rd eye chakra.  There is so much heart energy going on in this beauty, so much that one of the healing properties of this lovely crystal is to offer comfort during times of grieving.  In fact, wearing this stone close to the heart center would be a perfect way to receive it’s healing vibration.

Rough Ruby With Zoisite In Front Of Black

Because it’s vibration is so much from the 3rd eye and also with the heart chakra, it’s also the perfect stone to assist in one’s awakening and opening the heart center.  It also enhances one’s psychic abilities and fine tunes your intuition, and creates an altered state of consciousness.

Ruby in zoisite natural crystal on amethyst rockSome other healing properties of Ruby Zoisite:

  • Returns a passion and zeal for life
  • Assist in fertility healing, especially miscarriage and infertility
  • Helps in improving circulation
  • Improves blood quality and helps with heart issues

Ruby Zoisite – a perfect healing stone for the holiday – a perfect gift for loved ones – a perfect gift to yourself!

It’s even the perfect color, Ruby and Green :)

Many blessings to all of you as we move closer to this magical season.  My prayer for all who are grieving this holiday season, that may you find experience great comfort and healing, receive over flowing love in abundance, and deep, soul-healing rest.

Sending you lots of crystal love



How do I Choose a Crystal?

Good morning Friends!

I hope this wonderfully Autumn morning finds you well!

Many times when we’re first beginning to work with crystals, the primary focus becomes how do I know what crystal to choose?  Because there are so many to choose from I recommend the following steps when choosing your first stones:

1.  Set the intention for what and why you desire a stone.    You can do this through meditation or just simply pausing before entering your favorite Metaphysical shop, to connect with yourself and what your needs and desires are concerning a crystal.  Perhaps you’re getting ready for a new job or anticipating a new job interview, or maybe your child is experiencing restless sleep habits and night terrors.  It could also be a health ailment you’d like assistance with accelerating your healing.  It may also be just a desire, such as wanting to connect more deeply to your Spirit Guides, or maybe just a stone to aid you in your budding meditation practice.  Whether it be a need or desire, take a moment to check in and honour what’s coming up in your own Spirit.

2.  Utilize the many crystal books out there.  There are so many wonderful books that outline the qualities and natures of the stones.  Some are more detailed than others.  If you desire to really learn to work with crystals and know you’re drawn to using them in some way, take the time to research and determine what reference books are best for you.  When I first began my crystal journey, I was always researching and obtaining new crystal literature – so much in fact, that the research and collecting the crystal books became as much of a passion as shopping for stones.  Whatever books you’re drawn to select, be assured that these will become invaluable resources and cherished collections in your library for many years to come.

3.  Intuition, Intuition, Intuition.  I cannot stress enough the importance of allowing your heart guide you when selecting your stones.  In  my opinion, this is the BEST way to choose your stones.  Our bodies, spirits, and hearts have an intuitive beacon towards the crystals – we can’t help but be attracted to them.  In fact, the intrinsic nature of humans is crystalline and as we continue to shift more, all of us our moving into a more crystalline form. (But we’ll save that for another post!)  So allow yourself to be naturally guided towards the stone that wants to work with you.  You will find as you enter a location, staying grounded and very open, you will be lead to those crystals that you’re supposed to align and work with.

Crystal healer sensing energy with terminated quartz4.  When selecting a stone, sense the energy.  If you’re not familiar with sensing energy, try this easy trick.  Determining which hand is dominant, you’ll take your opposite hand and hold the stone in it.  For example, if you’re right handed, you’ll hold the crystal in your left hand.  BREATHE.  In fact take a few deep cleansing breaths and allow yourself to take in the energy from the stone.  Next, turn your intention to the crystal and just open yourself to what you feel and experience.  Then place the stone back and select another stone.  Repeat the process.  You can continue to do this however many times, although I like to narrow my selection to no more than 3 stones after I’ve intuitively chosen what type of crystal I’m going to purchase.  Just a side note – It can be more difficult to tune in to the energy if you’re shopping online for crystals so I find that this method works best in persCarnelian, Indiaon when you’re first getting started.

5.  Be open to allowing color to influence you.  Many times areas in our aura or a certain chakra may need healing and/or clearing and you may not be aware of it.  When this happens, we may find ourselves being attracted to a crystal only because of it’s color.  This goes back to number 3 on the list, follow your intuition.  If you’re being guided to a brilliantly shiny, orange Carnelian stone and you don’t typically like the color orange, then your body and Spirit is trying to tell you something.  Perhaps your sacral chakra is holding some psychic debri and it wants to be cleansed.  “Our bodies are our greatest facilitators of consciousness” says one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Rikka Zimmerman and this is so true.  Everything we’re perceiving and experiencing in this reality is via our bodies…follow what they’re telling you!  (Another post to come on this topic as well!)

 Hope this helps when choosing your next stone!  Happy crystal shopping everyone!

Love & Light




Want to develop your Psychic abilities? Try Moldavite


Hi Friends!

Are you interested in developing your Psychic abilities and furthering your intuition?  One very powerful stone to assist you may be Moldavite.  Technically, a tektite, this stone packs a powerful punch in acceleration, growth and advancing you further into your personal ascension.  Because its derived from a meteor that crashed into the Czech Republic thousands of years ago, it also holds a very strong Extraterrestrial connection.  This stone can motivate you and move you into your purpose.  Caution here though – not all can handle the strong energies from this beauty.  Many people have experienced all sorts of physical responses when working with Moldavite, including heart palpitations, anxiety to name just a few.  So, if you choose to use this stone for your own spiritual growth and practice, take it S-L-O-W, and really tune in to how you’re feeling.  I highly recommend journalling and of course meditation while working with this stone.

Here’s what Moldavite is useful for:

  • Developing Psychic abilities
  • Assists in deepening one’s meditation practice
  • Enhancing one’s intuition
  • A stone of Transformation
  • Awakening the Kundalini
  • Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
  • Aids in making decisions, to align one on their spiritual path

Courtney’s Tips – Exercise caution when wearing this stone – and begin working slowly with this stone, increasing your time with Moldavite gradually, checking in with yourself and your feelings.  Practice your grounding exercises in the interim between meditations or wearing Moldavite which will also help to “ground in” the energy from this amazing stone.

Remember to take it slow and most importantly..HAVE FUN!

Happy Weekend everyone ~ Sending you lots of Crystal Love!