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As I began 2017 freshfaced, full of ambitions and ideas of what lies ahead for the coming year, nothing could have prepared me for the full on whirlwind of spiritual mastery that was 2017.

In January, I experienced my first shamanic drumming ceremony and received my first lesson in Sovereignty while coming nose to nose with my childhood dragon. This was the perfect initiation into what became a series of lessons of light/dark and things not always being as they appear.

This year set me on a series of twists and turns. I was receiving messages as early as February and March that I would be traveling and that I was not to renew my lease on my cozy, very comfortable home. My guides told me that I should begin selling my items to prepare. I was also being guided specifically to several locations, with specific instructions. I didn’t realize it then, but I was deep in another initiation and awakening, one that was activating both myself and my twin flame along with preparing me for planetary grid working.

Immediately, as if by magic, I had new people surfacing into my life in strange different ways. Each person, either was previously suggested to me as a possible connection or just became an immediate soul family connection. During trainings, travel, and sometimes phone conversations, I found myself connecting, creating, and weaving together some great mystery that seemed both inside and outside of myself.

I procrastinated. And in May, when I decided that I was not going to move. I should probably stay another year. Goddess promptly “shooshed” me out of my and my daughter’s comfy Waldorfy-homeschool nest and I was informed by my landlord that he and his wife had made a decision to sell. And so in June, my 7 year old, our 3 yr old baby shih tzu and I packed our things and tearfully said goodbye whilst being excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

And there was so much momentum. My women’s circles were taking off in a way I hadn’t expected and by doing very little to promote them. I found myself plunged deep into healing my core father and mother wounding that was further facilitated when a long lost half sister surfaced thanks to 23andme genetic marvels. I connected more deeply with myself, more deeply with the land, and saw the shadow in a way I never had before.

This deep plunge was further enhanced by answering the call and embracing my lineage as a Priestess. It’s felt like a deep, guttural remembering as I take each step deeper and deeper into myself. I find myself seeing, embracing and loving aspects of my that have been so long forgotten. I feel the echos and calls of my ancestors, of those witches, wise women, and Priestesses before me beckoning me not to quit…don’t give up. Even though there has been tears.

And oh have there been tears. I have felt myself living on the outside of my skin this entire year. I cannot show up in any level of inauthenticity or it’s quickly revealed…revealed to me…to others.

No this year, my Mother…my Mother Divine has shown up…and given me the most love, the most courage and also the most sovereignty than ever before. She has pulled me up by the bootstraps over and over again, told me to dust myself off, handed me back my shield and sword and said Get back out there!