I teach a lot about manifesting.  A LOT.  Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful Universal Laws out there but many people miss the other complimentary laws that actually assist in the “co-creation” process the we’re all participating in ~ all the time.  And this time of year, many people begin too quickly thinking about next year before spending the necessary time in the closing gap between the previous year and the next.  Just like the wheel, we can’t skip a section without breaking the continuous flow.  In fact, Nature provides us the perfect path, if we only tune in.

1. Get Quiet and Go Within

All of us know we need to meditate or begin a stillness practice, but why is it so important with setting your goals?  Because it’s not until we begin practicing stillness and getting quiet, will we be able to understand and seek the desires of our hearts.  And it’s in these desires, that our dreams, goals, and our Divine Purpose is revealed to us.

This season is perfect for cultivating stillness, the first requirement to birthing something new in the world.  All of nature is supporting us through this inward seeking, falling quiet, and searching the stillness of our hearts.  

2. Clear the Clutter

We all have it.  The physical clutter but what I’m speaking of specifically is the emotional clutter that we gather through the year.  What were the goals that you didn’t quite meet?  What emotional experiences happened that took some time to heal and work through?  And most importantly, what awarenesses did we come to about ourselves, our relationships and our actions?  Well just as we know we have to clear the physical clutter to make room for more, the Universe works in the same fashion.  We have to clear the emotional clutter and cobwebs to make more space for the new.  In my new course, Sanctuary ~ A Seasonal Journey for Your Soul we discuss specific processes to clear this energetic, emotional and sometimes physical clutter.

3. Activate Your Creativity

Your creativity and your personal power are so closely connected.  I mean it makes sense that we need to be in our creative energy to “create” something new in our lives and in our businesses.  But how do we truly harness our creative power and use it to manifest what we most desire?  If you haven’t read this post ~ Awakening Your Creativity In Your Business, I discuss more about this process here.

4. Cultivate Compassion

This is a huge one, but beginning to forgive yourself and others is a huge step in moving forward toward your goals.  When we’re operating from a place of compassion, we discover that all of our

5.  Design Your Life

In my Sanctuary course, we discuss one of the most powerful ways to design your life and your business through connection to your own inner rhythm, activating the Ancient Wisdom you already have residing within you.  We harness the energies drawing from nature and her seasonal cycles. Creating your life this way, brings a deeper connection to Source energy and prevents us from burning out or spinning out in our businesses.  We begin accomplishing our goals and experiencing massive momentum in our businesses in a joyful, fun, and easy way.  Resting when we need rest, staying true to our own authentic path.