Hey there abundant Goddess ~

I wanted to chat one on one with all you mommas out there today and share what’s been on my heart.

You know as a “mom-preneur” we have a whole other side of challenges or should I say “opportunities” to not get S&*T done ~ am I right? Between the stream of endless mealtimes, playtimes, bath times ~ coupled with the increasing demands of your business, it can be overwhelming at times.

But it’s important, right?  And we need to make a priority of those things that we want most in our life.  For me, the desire to begin our homeschooling journey was the biggest motivator to create a successful business working from home.  One that I could combine both my healing gifts and desire to transform others lives, with time freedom and flexibility.  Being a single mom, I needed to make sustainable money at this business too.

So how did I do it?  Well I’d love to pull back the curtain and “show you a few things” (Justin Timberlake reference there for you all ~ can you tell what I’m listening to?)

Step 1 ~ Get up earlier

Boo! Hiss! I know, I know.  This was a difficult one for me too at first, but once I started scheduling out my day having those first few hours in the am before Eiley wakes up are precious to me.  I’m way more productive now, my meditation practice is consistent ~ not only am I getting S&$t done now, I’m happier.

Step 2 ~ Block off time every day to dedicate to your business

Every morning from 5:30/6am until 10am is my time (minus our breakfast time).  We begin our homeschooling day at 10:30 am MWF until around 3:30pm.  I also block off  Tuesdays and Thursdays to work entirely ~ this way I know I have the time in my calendar always without taking the time away from our school work.

Step 3 ~ Break down business activities in 20-30 minute chunks through out your day.

There’s something magical that happens when you break down income producing activities through out your working day.  You become laser focused, efficient, and it prevents any type of resistant or procrastination from creeping in.

Step 4 ~ Be flexible

Commit to yourself that you will remain in a space of “flow” in your daily life.  Allow for the unexpected, embrace the change that happens, and stay positive when it does.  This is a secret to allowing and receiving more in your life of what you want ~ that cancelation from a client is also a gift because you now have more space in your calendar for the perfect client, the rescheduling of an event leads to the perfect timing for meeting key collaborators in your business who may have not been in attendance before.  The Universe is ALWAYS orchestrating and conspiring on your behalf!

Step 5 ~ Create mini “To-Do” Lists the night before

Identify your top 3 things you need to do for you business the next day before you go to sleep and write it down.  These three things should be the most income producing activities you can do for the following day ~ always prioritize this way.  Client appointments are already scheduled on your calendar ~ these 3 activities are how you’re attracting more business daily.  By keeping this in your focus each day, you’re sure to keep momentum in your business.

So there you have it ~ my top 5 tips for staying productive in your business while working from home ~ with kids!  I’m curious to hear what best practices you’ve found that work well in managing your schedule.  Share below in the comments!

Abundant Blessings~