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Courtney Profile imageAll of my life I’ve felt a calling upon me. I was raised in a very dogmatic christian home that was saturated in abuse. Throughout my early years and into my youth I experienced a multitude of abuse. Despite this toxic and at times debilitating home life, I developed an intense and powerful relationship with Holy Sophia, the Holy Spirit at very young age and I received my first spiritual activation at the age of 5 by receiving Light Language.

The calling still haunted me but I wasn’t sure how or what ~ called to service, or through ministry, or just through my commitment? Being raised in a very charismatic christian upbringing I became increasingly dissatisfied with the patriarchal inconsistencies that encompassed the atmosphere of “holy work” and I felt lost in my search for the Divine Feminine, even though I didn’t have the words for it yet. I served in youth ministry, worked for other well know christian teachers but still felt very disconnected and truly only felt at home during church services where the Holy Spirit was free to move.

Then in 2003, I went through a huge spiritual shift, an awakening, and I feel I awakened Shakti within me and everything about me changed. I began my descent into healing, and through this process I left my marriage, lost over 100 lbs, and became a yoga teacher. This journey lead me further down the path of awakening my healing gifts, and I became a massage therapist, energy healer, Reiki Master, intuitive reader/coach, crystal healer, teacher and certified Law of Attraction coach.

Throughout my youth I had intense experiences of my psychic gifts, but due to the conditioning of my religious beliefs, I shut these off. I would have experiences of automatic writing as early as 11 or 12, but would stop it as I felt scared and worried that it was evil. Following the birth of my daughter, I feel I went through another initiatory process as it became a dark night of the soul for me following a traumatic birth experience. After this, the automatic writing came back with an intensity as did other psychic gifts become more activated. I began seeing colours as I worked on clients during healing sessions, hearing messages, and the already empathic tendencies became very heightened.

This lead me to seek support in discovering and developing the psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts that I had been suppressing for so long. I attracted several well known psychic development teachers/mentors and to this day have such a deep love and appreciation for their guidance. And throughout this inner work, the calling continued to pursue me.

Over and over again, I would hear the words “you’re chosen. you’re called.” from teachers and readers. I’m still unpacking this “calling” as it’s being revealed tiny step by tiny step.

Finding the Priestess path has been a homecoming for me, realizing this was actually what was calling to me all along.  Today, I help women unpack the religious dogma that they’ve been raised with, heal and release the abuse both spiritual and physical, and free themselves from the programming and conditioning they’ve been carrying with them.

I help women to awaken to their spiritual path and calling. I help them to develop the gifts that they’ve been suppressing, and to begin honouring the calling that’s on their life. I empower them to step into their ancient wisdom knowing, embrace the past and the future.
Through this freedom, they are truly embodied in their life, in their spiritual work, and can begin living from an empowered, sovereign, authentic and blissful place. From this space, women are finally able to create a life that is truly tapped in, turned on, and true to their core being.