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On February 15, 2016 I was taken on the following journey via the LightBody path with the guides Orin and DaBen (as channeled through Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer).  I believe this experience was part of an activation that has led me to where I am today.

I was taken into the cosmos where I encountered my mentor, a tall figured androgynous being with very long blond hair.  This being felt as though he carried more masculine energy, so I began to refer to him as “He”.  “He” showed me the grid across the cosmos where I saw tiny squares line up all together forming a pattern across the stars, and the dark emptiness of space.  When I asked my purpose working with the grid, at the intersection of each square, 3 pointed quartz clusters popped one after another.  I was told “He” had a gift for me and  I was then handed a crystal that I was told was an ascension flame.  This being then took me to Saint Germain.

Saint Germain placed his hands over mine and the ascension flame crystal, turning the crystal to purple (violet).  I was then taken over to a large flame that burning inside of it was alternating Jesus and then Mary Magdalene, they were inter-connected with one another and each of them were moving from back to front within this very large flame.  It felt like a reflection of the sacred feminine and the masculine entwined.

At the end of the journey, I was told that the message was to be shared…the message of love and I saw a huge rose quartz heart that then transformed into a dove and flew off.

One month later, I found myself in Mt. Shasta holding the Ascension Flame crystal I was handed in the journey.

Today, I have received more clarity around the symbolism to this activation and how these guides are still continuing to work with me.

During my recent Priestess training/retreat in September 2017, I met my guides even more intimately.  The tall light being guide is named Amana or Amanna and she is a High Priestess of Lemuria and I believe she is also Pleadian of origin.  She is feminine but can shift to be seen as a male androgynous figure as well.  She is working with me to activate the Priestess lineage within me.

Saint Germain was also there although he was in a more “Merlin” type figure doing alchemical, wizardy things in the backdrop…in a serious, focused old wizard type persona.

As I continued to speak more to Amana, my vision quickly shifted to one where I was in a river and only the top part of my eyes were poking out.  I wasn’t drowning.  I wasn’t scared.  I was observing.  Watching.  Almost in a stalking fashion, like an aligator hovers at the top of the water.  I could see the river bank and instantly a large arm reached in and yanked me out of the water.  This guide, I was also familar with, she was tall, strong…a fierceness and seriousness to her.  This guide I recognized as The Morrigan.

~to be continued…