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Crystalline Awakening Session

Courtney assists women and men through their ascension and awakening process through private sessions and mentorship focused on the expansion of consciousness, soul embodiment, sovereignty, and acceleration of the ascension process.

She provides support and guidance with the journey of self-empowerment, self-realization and the journey to embodying Crystalline consciousness.

Each session is lead with integrity, grace and unconditional love.

To schedule your session ~

1. Click on the button below and select your preferred date/time

2. You will receive a separate email from confirming your scheduled appointment along with specific call instructions.  All calls are done via Zoom.


Working with Courtney has been an amazing process! Being that I am a business owner and massage therapist, it can get quite stressful at times both running the business and working behind the table with my clients. I have known for a few years now that I wanted to expand my practice to include wellness coaching but wasn’t quite sure how to do this without burning out. When I first started working with Courtney I was really scattered and confused about what next steps to take to bring my next dream into fruition. Courtney really helped me zero in on identifying my true desires in all areas of my life, business and personal in a way that was very clear and concise, so I could 

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focus on what next steps I needed to take. She also helped shed some light on some things that I would not have otherwise realized had she not had me looked at certain issues from a different perspective. Her intuitiveness has been right on with me throughout her entire coaching, and the exercises she gave me in between sessions to further expand my mindset and skills have been priceless! Courtney also gave me encouragement and inspired me to try new things when things got a little scary or when I felt stuck. In the few months I have worked with her, I was able to get crystal clear on my vision for my business and personal life, and I have taken lots action to start bringing that vision into fruition, and it feels so wonderful to know I am moving in the direction of what I truly want for my life! Thank you Courtney!!! :-)
Elizabeth Diebold

Owner, Avalon 8 Wellness

Courtney has a way of taking my creative intangible ideas and putting them into a functional structure that I can apply and put into action. Her depth of understanding of the therapy and wellness business model shines through as she helped me create and implement my expertise to help my clients without compromising myself. After working with Courtney I am more centered in my heart connected to my life purpose and ready to serve. She easily handled my overwhelmed and points out my strengths and directs me right to wear my next step is. I feel congruent to the inner work and the art of receiving as I take my business to the next level. I love how she implements and integrates specific steps into my whole plan of action. How do I want to be on the planet how can I best be of service weaving dreams with action steps and personalized formulas, keeping my heart based work a priority. As an expert bodyworker how can I take care of my clients and give what I have to offer without burning out? Courtney has a multi level plan that where I can take care of myself as I give my best to my clients. She is easy to work with and guides without having an agenda. After working with Courtney, My business is redefining who I am as a practitioner and how I show up for my clients. Clear heart, more confidence, and ready to be of service.

Melissa Russell

Owner, Quantum Healing Arts

I have recently started Courtney’s program because I have always struggled in my corporate job by taking things personally and allowing myself to go home at night and dump all the negative issues that occurred on my husband.  After just two sessions with Courtney I realized I was doing this for years and learned that by easily applying the process she teaches I could rise above the negativity and visualize what I really wanted my day to be like. Especially, the precious time spent with my husband when I went home at night. Now I come home and leave the negativity behind and have a wonderful evening with my husband every single day! This is only one small example of how this training has helped me. Next, even though I have read ‘The Secret’ I really did not know how to apply it. Courtney taught me very quickly the steps to take to bring clarity to what I wanted and to focus on manifesting that each day. It is TRULY AMAZING what happens when you do that. You start meeting people that you were meant to meet to grow your business or enhance your personal life. If you are a business owner (I own a Cleaning Company and work a Corporate job) you can manifest those perfect clients you want to be doing business with and they come to you instead of you chasing after them.  Finally, just for fun I manifested winning the prize at a raffle that is held monthly at our Chamber of Commerce meeting and I won it! All you have to do is flip the switch in your thinking and your life will change drastically.  So, no matter what you are struggling with Courtney can help you overcome that by changing the way you think. I highly recommend giving her a try and don’t wait. I wish I would have had this type of training years ago it would have made a huge difference in my life but there is no time like the present. 

Sue Neumann

Owner, Moonlight Travel

During the Crystalline Workshop I experienced love for myself, being guided by my higher source, and a warmth of energy lifting me up. I felt more aware of Higher self. I felt empowered and/or energetically activated by this.

I was energetically activated by the crystal apophylite and felt as if I could take on the world and I felt centered and aligned with my higher source within my body.

After the Crystalline workshop, I became more clear of my soul’s purpose; my god given gifts and a clearer direction on how those gifts should be shared with the world. I developed an outline for my 6 month transformational program; developed the name and outlined the flow of the course.

Courtney’s  knowledge and experience is extensive and she is a beam of light being used to share her talents and gifts~ you will feel that. She allows for you to have your own personal experience and to just BE.  She is love personified and I am lucky to also be able to call her my friend.

Stacy Allen

During the Crystalline Workshop, while having crystals on my chakras, I felt as I don’t have my dense physical body. I felt as I was levitating above the floor 6 or so inches.  I became more aware of different energy level and intensity that each chakra has and that you can manipulate that intensity by applying a particular crystal. I learned a lot about healing stones, their metaphysical properties, how shape and color of a crystal corresponds to chakras.

I became more aware of my own intuition. The biggest challenge for me was to turn off my logical mind and start listening to my inner voice and become more in tune with myself.

After the workshop, I became more aware of my healing skills and my desire to learn more about crystals, chakras, and energy field.

I would recommend this workshop to any individual, who is interested in holistic healing. The workshop will definitely expand your consciousness and give you a direction on how to use healing energy of the stones to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.
Olga Merzlikina

Before working with Courtney, I knew I wanted to create additional revenue streams and had a sense that I would do it coaching other business owners in the future, approximately 3 years from now. In working with Courtney, I discovered that I was already coaching other business owners, just not in a structured program and not for a fee. Within 2 months of working together, I started a coaching business, created a coaching program and signed up my first clients. Each time I work with Courtney I gain more clarity on my mission and more confidence in my practice. I am so excited to begin helping others in this capacity, and creating additional income doing it. I could not have imagined 4 months ago that I would be this far along in my dream today.
April Porter

Owner, 9Rounds, St. Louis

Courtney is a highly effective coach. She was instrumental in helping me to realize the only thing in my way to achieving my goals was me, and she helped me gain clarity on what it is that I want in every major area of my life. Anyone looking to take their personal growth to the next level will benefit greatly from Courtney’s wisdom!

Jennifer Spor

Owner, beebalancedllc