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Sacred Self


Loving, Nurturing and Caring for You ~
A 4-Week “Deep Dive” Circle

As women we are constantly giving to others, it’s in our DNA to nourish everyone else, unfortunately often at the expense of our own care.

But we can’t pour from an empty vessel.

I invite you, dear sister, to ponder this question ~

How do I fill myself up when I feel too depleted to give anymore?

This is foundational for us as leaders ~ so if you desire to step out and make big things happen, cultivating this sacred self practice is the first step.

Women are feeling burned out from the vicious cycle of being not enough ~ not a good enough mom, not a good enough business owner, not a good enough wife/partner/girlfriend.  And all around us, we are validated in this belief by the projections from our society, marketing and media.  This creates a pattern of continuously doing more or needing one more thing outside of ourselves to make us happy. But it ultimately leads to an overwhelming feeling of emptiness.

To you beautiful woman, who is feeling burned out from pushing too hard ~ what if there was another way?
A more feminine approach to health, wealth and happiness?

Space is limited to 12 women. Sign up early to reserve your space in the circle.

Week One – Sustainability

How can you ensure sustainability in all areas of your life?

Week Two – Sourcing

Going beyond your basic needs to ensure the spark of your soul is ignited

Week Three – Surrendering

Ensure you get all your needs met without feeling guilty 

Week Four – Sanctuary

Create your own inner & outer sanctuary for sacred self-care

The Medicine of Circle


“A circle is a place where a woman can show up exactly as she is and not have to pretend to have it all together.  It’s a place where a woman can come home to herself.”


The women in tribes knew the power of coming together and supporting one another. Today, we are seeing an uprising of women’s circles as a result of women craving more fulfillment in their lives.


Being in circle is giving yourself an opportunity to be loved, seen and valued and to share this space with other women. It’s a beautiful way of coming together to honour, celebrate and share the wonderful ways of women.


Abundance exchange for this circle is $88 for the 4-week immersion.

The circles will be held LIVE in Olivette, MO at 6:30 p.m. on these dates:

Monday, April 10th
Monday, April 17th
Monday, April 24th
Monday, May 1st