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Hello Friends!

By now, I’m sure you are realizing the benefits of creating space in your life to allow for journaling and also meditation.  As promised, I’ll share with you what I call my Daily Success Habits and how they support me in loving myself.

My success habits are six things I’ve decided in my life, I need to be doing daily in order to feel cared for and nurtured by ME.  Some days are better than others with completing them, but each day I “star” the category I was successful in that particular habit and there’s great satisfaction in knowing I provided that loving practice to myself each day.  And that’s a great way to think of these…not goals or “to-do’s but Loving Practices to yourself…making yourself feel “loved”.

Meditation is at the top of the list for me.  It’s where I draw my strength, settle my mind, and quench my thirsty spirit for connection.  I’m in place now, where I can’t go too long neglecting this important Self Loving Practice without feeling out of balance with myself and my being.

Taking care of my body is another very significant piece of loving myself.  I want my body to feel nurtured, loved, and energized daily.  So it’s important for me to get my daily exercise in, stay consistent with my yoga practice and provide my body with the best food to support it.  Diet is one that we all can allow to get out of balance for ourselves and for us empaths, light workers, caregivers,’s easy to fall into a pattern of nourishing ourselves and grounding our emotions through food…sometimes the easiest or quickest way which doesn’t always allow for what’s healthiest for our body.  Checking in with the energy force a food holds and how that food provides you that energy life force is KEY.  But more on this at a later time…

Journaling and Writing is another success practice for me.  As we discussed earlier, journaling holds such a key for you to gain insight to the messages you’re receiving daily.  By journaling, you’re allowing yourself to be in the flow for all this to move through you and keeping a record of all that’s showing up in your life.


o I encourage you today to take some time in your next journaling session, and jot down things you can do for yourself daily to support you – show yourself some love!

Love & Light to each of you!