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Hello beloveds ~

I felt guided to discuss a little bit around the significance of the planetary and astrological happenings this month.  Whilst I have studied a wee bit of astrology, I consider myself far from expert.  The majority of the knowledge I have is coming from sessions with my guides and the Higher Council, where I’m being shown truths or messages that are to be shared.

Today, marks a very significant day in a month of powerful astrological happenings.   What I’m being shown is that this day is a portal ~ it’s being called the Lion’s Gate but the importance of the the two 8’s joining together along with the 1+7 at the end of 2017 becoming an 8 as well.

The number 8 when laid upon it’s side forms the shape of the lemniscate or the infinity symbol. This is a powerful esoteric symbol that it’s meant to represent the continual flow of consciousness, our limitless creative powers.  I’ve also been recently shown that this symbol in itself is a portal, a gateway into merging both aspects of ourselves, entering into the zero point reality into complete neutrality.  It’s the merging of both light and dark, masculine and feminine energies, the old and the new, the past and the future into one central gateway in the center.  When we enter through the gateway of the infinity, the heart chakra is activated and then creates the zero point reality in which all chakra and body energies meld into one, the heart leading the way.

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This is a powerful gateway as it creates a portal for us to traverse to activate a very powerful ascension pathway.  The zero point becomes the space in time that we enter into the 5D realities and beyond.  Through the ascension process, we become more merged with these higher energies and allow ourselves to release the attachments to old timelines and old realities, containing relationships and behaviours that no longer serve our highest good.  We become more clear on our purpose and invested in the Service to Others path, releasing the old Service to Self constructs.

The stargate portal of this day, is directly linked to the Sirius star system.  My guides are telling me that those star seeds that are connected to Sirius will feel the shifts today even greater than others.  The stargate portal openings also affect the greater earth and consciousness grid.  So those grid workers, can also expect intensities in their work as we all connect into the greater Christ consciousness grid.  The crystalline grid becomes even further activated and our light bodies

As we enter into this Lion’s Gate portal, it’s crucial for us to spend time in nature all the way through the eclipse timeline.  Lighter diets, lighter commitments, lighter way of being.  More meditation, more time with yourself and with your self care.  Working with the Merkaba

These are exciting times we are in and you are here on the planet right now for a reason.  This is the clarion call for all light works, gatekeepers, and gridworkers on this planet.

Love and Blessings ~


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