It’s so hard to believe but just one month ago I was reminiscing that it’s been exactly one year ago I “officially” began my coaching business. That’s right, in October 2015 I wasn’t really “officially” in business as a coach yet online.  In fact, I finished my coaching certification in November 2015.

And it’s been a pretty wild ride <if you’re a mom like me, you can insert appropriate “wild toad” image here> but my first year has been so fulfilling and I’ve learned tons.  So if you’re a newly certified coach or planning to launch a coaching business in 2017 AND you desire to start generating income quickly, then I created this article just for you.

First, for those of you who don’t know me.

I’m Courtney Blaine and I help empower women to embody their life’s Divine purpose and attract their Divine Purpose clients.  I specialize in helping women entrepreneurs, especially healers and new coaches.  I love working with massage therapists, energy workers, crystal healers, reiki practitioners, psychics, intuitives, and other healers to begin shifting out of the dollars for time paradigm in their businesses and create more income with more freedom in their life.  And the fastest way I’ve found for healers to reach this leveraged place in their businesses, is through coaching.

More specifically, I’ve designed a system, Design Your Divine Practice, that walks healers, new coaches step by step into creating this business model for themselves.

In 2013, I made a huge change in my life by closing my yoga studio and massage space.  I had been operating my business for several years and while I loved the work I did and my clients,  I was frustrated in trying to leverage my income to a monetary level that felt fully sustainable for me as a single mom.  Making more money always equaled more time working and less time with my then 3 year old little girl.  And what was truly in my heart, was to stay at home with her so that we could homeschool.

This was a dream of mine but I had difficulty believing in it at times, because “I was a single mom.” And having my healing practice, my work with clients was also a dream for me as well and I didn’t want to give that up.  I felt…trapped.  I also had this strong desire inside to travel.  To explore with my daughter so that we could see the country with a lifestyle that allowed me to work from anywhere.  You know, that “laptop” lifestyle that’s so glamorized on Social Media?  But I also knew my purpose and I knew that I didn’t want to just walk away from my life’s work.  So creating any “work from home” model just wasn’t for me.

After much meditation, prayer and setting the intention, I discovered that I was being called to coaching.  Through my coaching business I could bring my healing, intuitive work and energy work into one place that would support others into transforming their lives.  I felt like I could create the perfect blend of bringing my gifts and the desire for more “freedom” in my life.

And in 2014, I attracted the perfect coaching certification for me and within my first year of coaching, I’ve built a business that fully sustains me by paying the bills.  And that brings me to my first tip.

#1  Hire a Mentor ~

Without a doubt, this has been the single most important thing that I’ve done to bring my business to where it is today.  Since 2013, I have hired 5 coaches and mentors to work with.  Not all at once mind you but each one has been brought into my life for a purpose and a reason in my business.  In fact, I only have to *hint* to the Universe that I *need* something or would like to execute something new in my business, and the perfect mentor shows up.

My current coach I’ve been for 2 years now and I keep getting more and more clarity around who my clients are and how my programs and services are meant to unfold.  Find someone you align with energetically and stick with that person for a length of time.  In this internet marketing game, we are all constantly being distracted with the next shiny, the next biggest success story, the next get rich quick promise.  Keep your eyes open ~ it’s easy to get the “shiny object syndrome” and become too consumed with what others are doing.

#2  Take the Time to Know Your Clients ~

This might sound like a no brainer, but many of us will fall victim to the “shiny object” syndrome and move too quickly into creating group programs, online courses, etc.  And here’s the deal with that.  During the first year your body of work is still unfolding.

When I mentor my clients, we design a core program that aligns with their Divine Purpose or inner calling so that they can break other courses, ebooks, webinars, etc. from this core program.  But even in that core program, there’s a point where you are building a plane as you fly it as my coach likes to say.  This means you have to bring clients through your program before you become really clear on the flow of the program.  I suggest that you modify your pricing for those first clients and then as you receive successes with the program, you can begin to raise your rates in alignment to your needs and values.

#3  Price Your Coaching to Build Sustainability ~

As a new coach, one thing I was taught early on by two of my coaches was to just get out there and begin selling coaching packages and practicing discovery sessions.  Also, to price my services in order to generate the amount of income that I need so that my basic needs and bills are covered.  This was a key piece of me building to sustainability so quickly.

#4  Focus on Practicing Enrollment Conversations ~

This is the best advice I can provide.  Often times, we women are challenged with the whole idea of sales.  We fear judgment or shame from “trying to sell” someone and we definitely don’t want to come across cheesey or “salesy”.  A good enrolment conversation happens organically, authentically and will always feel more like a chat with a good friend versus you selling someone.  In Design Your Divine Practice, we dive deep into enrolment conversations, breaking down the how to in structuring them with an easy to follow plan while creating a very open, honest and supportive conversation so that you don’t feel like you’re being salesy.

#5 Get Crystal Clear on Your Vision for Your Business ~

HUGE! This is so important!  What we focus on expands and those things that we measure, increase.  It’s important to have a plan and a vision where you’re heading.  Just like you wouldn’t set out on a long road trip without a map or GPS at hand, creating the vision is probably one of the most important but easiest things to skip in designing your coaching practice.

I hope these tips were helpful to you.  And lastly, if you’re interested in creating a highly profitable, fully sustainable foundation to your healing or coaching while leveraging your time, FREEDOM, and income, my team and I would love to chat with you to see if you’re a fit for the Design Your Divine Practice academy.  Click here to schedule your business strategy session here and we’ll be in touch right away.

Namaste & Abundant Blessings ~

Courtney Blaine