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Crystalline Awakening Online Course

$111 or 2 payments of $55

Awaken the crystalline encodements waiting to be awakened within you as you journey on the pathway to Ascension. Learn to work with crystals in an in-depth way and soul’s expansive way, assisting you on your ascension path. Unlock ancient lineages and hidden knowings within you and become empowered with clarity to your soul’s path. This course is for every light worker, gatekeeper, way-shower who is called to use Crystals in their daily or healing practices.

Crystalline Awakening Session


Courtney assists women through their ascension and awakening process through private sessions focused on the expansion of consciousness, soul embodiment, sovereignty, and acceleration of the ascension process. She provides support and guidance with the journey of self-empowerment, self-realization and the journey to embodying Crystalline consciousness. Each session is lead with integrity, grace and unconditional love.

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Crystalline Temple Arts Offering

Every quarter we open the Temple Doors welcoming you, sacred sister, into a space of expansion, embodiment and the inner mysteries.  We invite you to enter the mystery and learn the ways of womb wisdom, intuition, divination, scent priestessing with essential oils, sea priestessing, lunar wisdom and moon cycles.

Join the Waiting List to reserve your space in the line.  Temple Doors open September 22nd 2017.

Crystalline Priestess Path

A year long immersion into the Priestess path. Learn more here.


Click here to learn more about the upcoming soul to soul, hand in hand retreats designed to ignite the Divine spark within you as you join with other sisters, locking hearts with your soul tribe.