Hello Beautiful Winter Goddesses ~

Happy New Year ~ 2017!

And now we find ourselves in the heart of the beautiful winter season. Are you happy to be done with the holiday hustle and bustle as much as I am? I adore the holidays ~ the lights, the magic, the smells, the love. But, I must say, I’m so happy to begin settling into the true winter vibe.

You know, I used to resist winter. Mainly because I’m not as much of a cold weather girl. I mean, seriously. Let’s be honest, if given the choice between Bimini or a ski trip in Aspen, this girl is rushing to grab her flip flops and dreaming of sand between the toes.

But something really interesting happened in the past few years. I began really tuning in to the natural rhythm of nature and how it affected me.

And for us Goddesses rocking out our businesses, we can sometimes be shocked that when the New Year rolls around we find ourselves in this conflicting energy. One side of us, is completely excited for all that we want to create in the New Year ahead, while the other side of us simply wants to stay under the covers, snuggle up and dream about our goals rather than putting them in action. If you see yourself identifying with these “inner struggles”, please don’t make yourself wrong. What you’re experiencing is completely in alignment the nurturing rhythm of Winter. Look around. Even nature is sleeping to conserve her energy for the brilliant Spring ahead.

And, what I’ve discovered, is that if I surrender and release to what nature is lulling me towards ~ nourishing myself with warm foods, getting more sleep and allowing myself to rest without judgment ~ I can actually use the inner silence of Winter to really dream and plan out an amazing year. By following my own inner rhythm cycle, I can use the tiny bursts of energy I receive throughout the days to really focus in on what I truly desire to create this year.

All of this is what lead me to create my most recent course, Sanctuary, A Seasonal Course for the Soul.

I feel that until you’re really nourishing yourself, aligning with your own inner wisdom, and providing yourself the utmost of care, you won’t be tuning into the same frequency of the Divine messages coming through. We need a reset ~ a reset of our focus, of our soul’s alignment, and our well being.

I gently invite you to take a look at this course to see if it’s message is speaking to you and if so, I would love to support you on this journey. I debuted the first week of this course as a freebie give-away in a special holiday event and the feedback was amazing. I’m grateful, because this course is so much in alignment with ALL that I do ~ my message, and purpose ~ I get play in all of the areas of my business, healing, spiritual development, coaching, activation and it’s so JUICY! Here’s the link to read more about it ~



I invite you to take a look and see what invites you to more ~ more play, more joy, more movement, more alignment.

I’m so very honored to be sharing this journey with you.

Until next time, I wish you many abundant blessings and warm wintery thoughts of love.

Many Blessings ~


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