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Hello beautiful beings!

How is your daily Journaling practice going?  What insights have you received?  And are you finding yourself entering things into your “Dumping Journal” a lot less?

Journaling sets you on your path to quieting your thoughts, and really tuning in to what your Higher Self is wanting to communicate to you.  The more you connect with your Higher Self, the more you’ll feel and experience this wonderfully beautiful radiant love that you already are.  Its such a wonderful practice…journaling, that it’s even listed as one of my “Self Care” practices that I try to commit to daily.  So this brings us to the topic of self care and why it goes hand in hand with self love.

When you’re in the energy of giving to yourself, – time, money, love – you become the energy of manifesting all that the universe has to offer you.  As you give to yourself, you enter into the beautiful energetic space of receiving that then carries over into all the areas of your life that you want to be an “open receiver”, areas like receiving wisdom and guidance from your the holy Spirit, angels and guides, receiving the love that others are sending to you, and also receiving all of the abundance that the universe is attempting to send you.  So to speak, you’re not blocking the flow of all this in your life – you’re open and receiving.  This is one reason why self care is really a precursor in many ways to cultivating Self Love.

So, in your next journal entry – Write down 5 or 6 things that you could give to yourself daily, that would make you feel nurtured, loved, and supported – by YOU!

Let me know what they are…and I’ll share mine tomorrow!

For now, place your favorite piece of rose quartz by your bed and allowing the loving energy to bath you through the night!

Sweet dreams {hugs}